Monday, February 20, 2012

The Turbulence Benefits

The Turbulence Benefits

I start writing this post as I am now in a Gulf Air flight from Bahrain to Dubai. We are landing now and the flight is bumpy due to some turbulence mostly caused by the bad weather condition.

Some people who know me well already know what I am about to say, but here is a confession to all of you… flying in planes is the biggest fear I face in my life.

I have so many friends who are pilots (both commercial and military), engineers & friends who are interested in Aviation in general. They always explain to me with the scientific proofs how safe and advanced Aviation is nowadays. Myself as well, spend some times reading about the Aviation Industry.

After all, there is something that scares the hell out of everyone. For me, it is what I am experiencing right now at this moment. No matter how many times I fly, I still feel the same! Maybe worse!

Well, it can't be all bad after all I guess… as there must be a benefit to me from all this unnecessary fear. And yes, there is…

This fear particularly reminds me of death, and with death my whole thinking and actions change.

Every time I travel I remember death and I remember that myself and you are living this life only for a short period then we will eventually move on to the next life. So before each flight I become… lets say… better.

I take the most of the day with the people who matters and with duties and stuff that adds value to my life and others. Most important thing of all is that I become a bit closer to God.

So, flying to me is like a station that cuts my ignorant life into pieces so that I stop at each station and review what I've done, what I'm doing and what I am about to do in life. It reminds me of how weak we are humans and how easy for us to be broken when compared to other aspects in this life.

It's good to have these stations. I'm sure that many people already have these stations in their own perspective. For some people, it might be visiting funerals, for others it might be natural disasters or wars. Or just maybe they share the same station with me. Flying.

Ahmed Abdullatif
17th February 2012

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