Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kunafa 'year end talk'

The Kunafa

Here I am again, opening a new white blank page. Trying to fill it with what happened in the past 365 days. It is hard to picture all the memories in a white page.

I remember back in January when I was in Jordan. It was freezing and I was shivering. My colleague Rashid Al Zayani whom I was with on a business trip turned to me and said "I know where to take you right now!". We had a walk in Ammans cold alleys until we reached a place called Habiba Sweets. Inside the shop they served Kunafa, freshly baked out of the oven. It was very sweet, it was very warm, it was perfect for the weather. As we continued to eat the Kunafa outside the shop I started to say this silent wish "I wish that this year will be as sweet as the Kunafa I am eating"

Coming back to reality, of course my year was not as sweet as the Kunafa I had in Amman. But I really can't complain about a year that made me walk with two of my best friends Shuaib Al Ali & Ahmed Al Ansari in Portobello Market in London in a busy Sunday morning, having a black forest cupcake and a late' from Hummingbirds.

I also can't complain about a year that made me walk with my very dear brother Nawaf Saif in the La Croisette in Cannes. A year that made me lead 12 smart high school students and be their mentor in a memorable trip to France & Monaco.

How can I ever complain about a year that made it possible for me to reach Makkah and do an Umrah to God?

I really can't complain about a year that made it possible for more than 150 youths from all around the world to visit my country and be our guests for nearly a week in the Global Assembly of the Ship for World Youth.

Will not complain about a year that made me listen again to the Formula1 engines in the Bahrain International Circuit, feeling the power of the engines. The engines that not only started Formula1 cars, but engines that started the hope that our Bahrain can stand on its feet again.

God kept my family and friends.. God kept me healthy.. God gave me safety and security.. So no matter what drawbacks happened in the past 365 days.. I must be thankful.

I have set some goals that I did not achieve, mainly because I was unfocused. I have a problem; I get distracted with small things and lose focus. I will try to focus more this year on the goals I set so maybe 365 days later I might tell a better story.

Another lesson I learnt the hard way is that people will judge your actions and won't care about your intentions no matter how long did they know you for. It just made me feel that some people will wait for you to slip so they start attacking you. I wish that people would wear my shoes and live my intentions. I wish that people would come and ask instead of sit and judge. But you can't always get what you wish for, and I really don’t care anymore because I got tired trying to explain my intentions.

Before wishing you all a happy new year, I have to stand up in respect for one of my best friends who took the fight with cancer to a whole new level. A person whose weapon was a smile and laughter, she made cancer look like flu. Mneera, I am sure that you will return to Bahrain stronger than before. And Cancer, you really messed up with the wrong person.

Well.. Happy New Year To You All.. Be good, Be grateful to God for what you have, Be nice to people even if they are not, Keep your family and your friends close, Love the people who loves you. And I wish that you all have a 2013 as sweet as the Kunafa I had.

 A ;)


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